Who We Are: Big Changes to How the US Counts Race and Ethnicity

| Joel Ramkhelawan

America's rich tapestry is woven from countless cultural threads. At Envisify Global Intelligence, we understand the fundamental notion of defining culture as a demographic. That's why we're passionate about using technology for good –  specifically, by fighting bias in data and giving people the freedom to define themselves on their own terms. This aligns perfectly with the recent updates to how the US government collects race and ethnicity data. Let's dive into what this means for Hispanic communities and businesses looking to connect with them!

This is the first time in 26 years that the US Census Bureau updated how it asks people about their race and ethnicity! This is a big deal, especially for Hispanic communities. Let's break it down.

What's new?

  • There's now one question for race and ethnicity instead of two. You can choose as many answers that fit you!

  • "Middle Eastern or North African" is a brand new option.

  • Say goodbye to outdated terms like "Negro" and "Far East."

Why the changes?

  • This helps the government collect more accurate data about race and ethnicity.

  • It better reflects the diversity of the US, including Hispanic communities.

  • Many Hispanics don't feel like "white" or "Black" fits them, so having more options is important.

How does this affect Hispanics?

  • More accurate data means better programs and support for Hispanic communities.

  • It allows people with mixed heritage, like Afro-Latinos, to identify more accurately.

  • Some worry it might hide differences within the Hispanic community.

Envisify Global Intelligence: Driving Cultural Change

The American cultural landscape is undergoing a dynamic shift. The U.S. Census Bureau recently released projections indicating that the Latino population, currently at 19.1%, is expected to surge to a remarkable 26.9% by 2060. This means that in less than four decades, over 1 in 4 Americans will be Latino! This rapid growth presents a significant opportunity for businesses that can effectively connect with this vibrant and diverse demographic.

At Envisify Global Intelligence, we're passionate about empowering businesses to navigate the complexities of cultural understanding.  We recognize that cultural nuances extend far beyond race and ethnicity. However, the recent revisions to how the US categorizes race and ethnicity offer valuable insights into the evolving demographics of Hispanic communities.

Here's how Envisify Global Intelligence can help your business thrive in this changing landscape:

  • Unlocking Consumer Insights: We leverage cutting-edge cultural intelligence tools to uncover the preferences and behaviors of Hispanic consumers. This allows you to tailor your marketing messages and product offerings for maximum impact.

  • Crafting Resonant Communication: Our team of experts helps you develop culturally sensitive marketing campaigns that resonate deeply with Hispanic audiences. We go beyond simple translation, ensuring your message is authentic and culturally relevant.

  • Building Trust and Loyalty: By demonstrating a commitment to cultural diversity and inclusion, you can build lasting trust and loyalty with Hispanic consumers.

This projected growth in the Latino population isn't just a statistic – it's a golden opportunity for businesses to expand their reach and build meaningful connections with a powerful and influential consumer base.

Ready to unlock the potential of the Hispanic market?  Contact Envisify Global Intelligence today and discover how our cultural intelligence solutions can help your business thrive!


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