About Envisify

Envisify Global Intelligence (EGI) is dedicated to empowering businesses with profound cultural consumer behavior insights. Our cutting-edge AI-powered platform, coupled with cultural expertise, transforms data into insights. We enable brands to reshape their connection with target audiences. Our value proposition is clear: to harness the power of AI-enabled cultural insights to transform communication strategies. Gain deep generational and ethnicity insights for personalized campaigns. Stay ahead of the competition in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

With Envisify, organizations can access an on-demand cloud-based platform to inform, educate, and empower business decisions based on cultural data insights. Leveraging advanced AI and machine learning technology, businesses can identify new market opportunities and drive innovation.

Multicultural diverse faces

Envisify Global Intelligence Team

Natasha Pongonis, CEO, Envisify
CEO, Co-founder
Roland Medrano, Chief Investment Officer
CIO, Co-founder

Kyle Simpson

CTO, Co-founder
Ali Snedden, PhD + Data Science Advisor
Data Science Advisor
Bilingual Marketing Analyst

Cultural Insights in Marketing

Culture encompasses shared beliefs, values, and practices, influencing consumer behavior. Tailoring marketing to cultural events builds loyalty. As a dynamic force, cultural trends create brand opportunities. Effective marketing requires nuanced understanding of values and behaviors.

Data-driven Cultural Insight

Generated through systematic analysis of large datasets, revealing trends and discussions among cultural groups. Cross-cultural comparisons identify similarities or differences, informing targeted strategies.

Ethical Cultural Artificial Intelligence

Envisify ensures fairness and transparency, avoiding biases in analyzing and applying cultural insights.

33.8 million

Multiracial US Population

82+ million

Gen-Z Population by 2026

29+ million

Hispanics in Workforce